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"Finding the Light"

with Gaye Adams, SFCA, MPAC 

All levels are welcome 







Monday, October 19th 9.30 - 3.30 (Please arrive early to set up)






West Vancouver Community Centre, Art Studio






In compliance with COVID 19 restrictions members must wear masks during class while, moving from their table.  If any one does not follow the safety protocol implemented for WVCC, they will be asked to leave the workshop without a refund.







Course Description


Creating the illusion of light with mere pigments on canvas has long been pursued by artists through the centuries.  It is not magic;  it merely requires two primary skills; the ability to see the correct colors and values from life or in your reference, and the ability to make those mixtures and put them in right relationship on your canvas.


Simple, but not easy.  This course will start with a demo of how to get the right mixture everytime, and training your eye to determine what the right mixture is.  After an interactive color mixing demo, we will apply the skill directly  and lock in the learning by painting a reference that I will provide that will  walk students through all the basic principles of how to see the right relationships on the canvas.


Students will learn about hue, saturation, tonality and how to mix neutrals.  It's not rocket science, but it will take your best attention.  It is a very engaging process, and your results will likely surprise you.



 The course will be taught using oils but if ou prefer to bring acrylics, that is an option.


Supply List



Oil Pigments:

- Titanium White

- Cadmium yellow light

- Cadmium red light

- Ultramarine blue

- Transparent red oxide (or transparent earth red)

- Yellow ochre

- Pthalo blue

- Alizarin crimson


Supports:  6x8”  (2) well primed panels or canvases for each workshop day.  Also bring a few 8X10”s if it is a multi day workshop.  Nothing larger than 8X10” please.  The cheaper the canvas, the less gesso it has, and the super absorbent surface can be troublesome to work on.

-      tabletop easel

-      blue shop towels (Walmart or Canadian Tire carry these)

-      11X14”  pad of disposable palette paper or pallet of your choice (non absorbent and not too small)

-      plastic bag for soiled towels

-     Gamsol solvent (DO NOT bring cheap solvent – many people are sensitive to solvents, and Gamsol is the least offensive to those that are.

-      Small palette knife

Brushes:  Please bring several well shaped flats or brights, 1/4” up to 1/2 inch.  Good brushes maintain their shape when wet and will make your job much easier.  The Denman synthetics from Opus are a good brush; oil painters should also have a few good hog hair brushes.  Hog hair brushes are good for pushing paint around, the synthetics allow to make crisper shapes and give some precision when needed.

If you are working in acrylics (I suggest oils for this workshop)  please bring Cadmium red medium or napthol red instead of Cadmium red light as it leans too orange in most brands, particularily in Golden. Also bring a piece of red  or brown conte as you may wish to use that for drawing on your canvas initially.  I will be working in oils, so I would prefer you to, but the lessons in this workshop will be every bit as relevant for acrylic painters as for oil painters.

Reference photos:

For a one or two day workshop I will bring reference photos, but for a longer workshop you may wish to bring some of your own reference photos for later in the workshop.

Please direct any questions on supplies or course content to me via email:


Bio for Gaye Adams


I have been privileged to work as a painter for most of my adult life.  I started drawing and painting as a child, and never really stopped.  My journey as a painter started in the medium of soft pastel, having fallen in love with the work of Degas and Mary Cassatt.  From there I did a foray into acrylics for a number of years and these days my primary medium is oil paint.


Although I work with a number of commercial galleries, my greatest joy is going out in the landscape and painting field studies – I love being in nature and working from life hones my skills and informs my larger studio paintings.  It also furnishes me with some wonderful painting adventures, taking me to places I may have never otherwise experienced.


What engages me most as a painter is  rendering the effects of light and atmosphere as it is always challenging and deeply satisfying.   I am ever the learner and push myself to paint in situations that put me into the deep end of the swimming pool.   My favorite saying is “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment”, an eastern saying that best describes me as I stand before my easel with a question around what will work, what won't work,  and what might be possible.  My goal at the easel is to recreate the glorious light in whatever subject matter I currently find most inspiring with the hope I can transport the viewer in the process.


In 2003 I became a senior signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and served many years as Standards Chair.  Shortly after  that I earned my Master Pastellist designation with the Pastel Artists of Canada.  I am currently represented by Canada House in Banff, AB and Avenue Gallery in Victoria. I am also a member of the Oil Painters of America and Artists for Conservation.  For a full curriculum vitae, please refer to my website:


It is my joy to also work as an instructor of studio and plein air workshops  both locally and abroad. 





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