Details for "Rick McDiarmid's Workshop February 22 & 23rd"


"Integrating Visual Elements

in Drawing and painting"

with Rick McDiarmid 

Acrylic, Oil or Watercolour – choose one medium only for the workshop.

All levels are welcome.




Saturday, February 22nd,  9:30 ~ 4:00 (Please arrive early to set up)

and Sunday, February 23rd,  9:30 ~ 4:00

Rick -Evening Strollers

 Evening Strollers 


 The Music Box (Upstairs)

 1564 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver BC.  V7V 1A1

Parking: there is parking beside the Music Box :There is space for about ten cars by the Music Box, if done carefully. Parking is free on Bellevue on Sunday, as well.  A space close to the building must be reserved for our guest artist, so when you arrive please make sure one spot is left open near the building.  
Also take note that we only rent this space at The Music Box and are fortunate to do so at a special rate, therefore keeping our course costs very low.  We do not guarantee that you will find dishes, cups, cutlery, can openers, etc. as we share this space with many other groups. 

 Lunch duration will be individual choice. We can exchange ideas, questions etc. during this time.

 Plan your lunch so that you bring your own cups/cutlery (think environment friendly) and that you can have a picnic outside if the weather is fine, or inside by your table.

 Coffee, tea and some snacks will be provided. There are plenty of small places for lunch close by in the area.

Rick M.-Tapisserie Anciene

Tapisserie Anciene

Bio for Rick McDiarmid 

  Richard is a signature member of both the Federation of Canadian Artists (SFCA) and the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) and spent many years as a member of Painters at Painters, a prestigious B.C. artist’s peer group. His award winning paintings have been exhibited in solo shows, group shows and international shows including, The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, the Federation of Canadian Artists, the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) and the Calgary Stampede Artists Studios. Examples of his paintings and articles have appeared in publications including Art Avenue and International Artist’s Magazine. Richard’s paintings can be found in commercial galleries and corporate and private collections in many countries worldwide.

"Reflections and comments by Richard S. McDiarmid"

-“I grew up listening to many stories of our family’s rich pioneering history in British Columbia as well as adventures stretching across the country north and south of the border. Ranching, mining, and exploration were themes in these stories and marriages into the first nations communities created a mix of native traditions as well as old world references. From time to time, I have reflected on these as sources of inspiration and ideas for paintings.’’ 

‘’Although drawing was a favourite pastime during childhood, my early education and much of my adult life was spent working in a technical and industrial environment from mid 1960’s to late 1980’s. Almost fifty years have passed since starting a study of painting and art history in 1970. In 1989 I decided to pursue painting full time, working with commercial galleries and various arts organizations.’’

 ‘’ In spite of endless hours in the studio and thousands of paintings later, I am still driven to push some paint around, to continue to explore and respond to the endless possibilities for inspiration that are revealed in the process.”

 "Our unique life experiences are multi dimensional tapestries of thoughts, feelings, words and actions. What we express and share with others, includes more than the visible - a love for what we do fuels our growth and expanding awareness of life in general and a greater sense of purpose, not only in service to self, but also in service to others.’’

 Art Workshops and Classes: In addition to being a prolific painter, Richard is respected as an instructor and mentor to emerging as well as established artists. As a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, his service activities have included positions at the board level, VP level, and contributions to workshop and educational programs. He has been instrumental in the start-up and administration of numerous studio art educational programs within the organization as well as with other local arts groups. Annual workshop instruction has included activity in Canada, US, Britain, France and Spain.

Rick Mcdiamid


  Goal and Focus

of this Workshop:

In the beginning, learning to draw and paint is a process of learning to see relationships in a different way. We abandon the notion of “things” and embrace a new way of seeing. Painting is an extension of visual awareness and skills developed in drawing practice. Careful observation of visual elements and their relationship to each other is fundamental in our creative endeavours. 

Strength in communicating our chosen subject matter or intent is built on compositions grounded in recognition of shape relationships and the underlying value structure (relationship between light and dark). 

Of course, there are other visual elements to consider and identifying these relationships and how they integrate together in the drawing and painting process is the focus of this 2 day workshop. We begin with the old adage “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

This workshop will include one on one instruction, a Power Point presentation (if possible), demonstrations, and Q and A opportunities. Participants will engage both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice of these basic building blocks of these visual arts:

-Drawing with brush and/or other materials: direct drawing of line vs implied line

 -positive and negative space in the painting format  

-Basic considerations of light and dark

-Overall design regarding light and dark and edge transitions  

-The power of analogous value 

-The importance of establishing mass form as well as contour relationships 

-Adjusting contour on the drawing for painting 

-Creating contrast (ex. line vs mass form, shapes vs sizes, edges, colour: (hue, value, intensity), implied energy in brushwork, texture, surface) 

-Creating areas of higher contrast 

-Is style important?  

Ex.) Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstraction 

-From drawing to the finished painting – is consistency in how we interpret and express our ideas, important? 

Rick M.-Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat

     Suggested Materials :

 (Bring your normal materials or at least the following)

* Oils, watercolour, acrylic choose one medium only

* Colours – white and black plus 3 other colours (ex. Red, yellow, blue) your choice.

* Canvas, watercolour paper 1 or 2 pieces at 14 x18 or 16 x20

* Brushes/ painting knives: at least 1 flat( ¾”~1" wide) brush; one round brush;and one painting knife

* Easel stand up or table top ok.  (Please  bring your own table easel, it is more suitable for Music Box space. There are a few standing easels available at the site. )

* Palette can be throw away type or your choice 

* Reference material bring your own photos, sketches etc. 

* Miscellaneous notebook/ drawing pad, pencils, paper towel, containers for water 

* Notes: If painting in oils - odourless thinners and mediums 

* Please bring your own  plastic table cover (inexpensive at the Dollar Store) to cover your table.

  Please refrain from wearing strongly scented products or perfume for workshops in the close quarters of the Music Box.

Rick M.-Top-002

 Administrative Notes:

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You will need to make payment within 24 hours of your enrollment or it will be automatically cancelled so if you need assistance in paying, please contact Stephen Cowell, 
 [Payment by cheque is discouraged as this is unreliable when time is of the essence.]  This course may fill up quickly.  Do not hesitate to join the WAIT LIST. If it is full, do not be discouraged. Check back later- you may still be able to get in.

For every workshop we have run this year, we have had cancellations because of illness or change of plans.  Often even a wait list of eight names or more is moved up because "life changes things."  However, if you are on the wait list and change your own plans, please do not hold your space in the queue. Please take your name off the wait list and let someone else have a chance.   Be kind to your colleagues and remove your name if you have a change of plans. 


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 Only if the workshop is full and there is a willing replacement on the Waitlistyou can cancel through Stephen Cowell ( which case a refund will be issued.   

  No Refunds will be issued within 48 hours of the workshop start time. NSAG reserves the right to cancel the course within 3 weeks.

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