Details for "Jan Crawford's January 18th &19th Workshop"

 "Enhance Your Painting with the Glazing Technique"

Jan with her painting

Jan Crawford with her paintings

This is all about learning how to layer transparent colour -  enhancing whatever the individual painting styles are of the participants.



Saturday, January 18th, 9:30~4:00

(Please arrive early to set up)

and Sunday, January 19th,  9:30 ~ 3:30

 (We all must be out by 4pm)

Lunch break will be 1/2 hour ~ one hour

Also take note that we only rent this space at The Music Box and are fortunate to do so at a special rate, therefore keeping our course costs very low.  We do not guarantee that you will find dishes, cups, cutlery, can openers, etc. as we share this space with many other groups.  Plan your lunch so that you bring your own cups/cutlery (think environment friendly) and that you can have a picnic outside if the weather is fine, or inside by your table. Coffee, tea and some snacks will be provided. 

There are plenty of small places for lunch close by in the area.


 The Music Box (Upstairs)

 1564 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver BC.  V7V 1A1

Parking: there is parking beside the Music Box :

There is space for about ten cars by the Music Box, if done carefully. Parking is free on Bellevue on Sunday, as well.  A space close to the building must be reserved for our guest artist, so when you arrive please make sure one spot is left open near the building.  

 Jan Crawford-Orchard House Red Havens

Orchard House Red Havens 

  Bio for Jan Crawford

  Jan Crawford was born in Vancouver and moved to the Okanagan as a child where she was raised in an orchard setting.  Jan studied art in Vancouver from 1979-1988 and holds a B.ED (Art major) from the University of BC and a B.F.A (printmaking major) from Emily Carr University. Today Jan is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA) where her paintings have been shown in several juried exhibitions.

As a printmaker Jan is known for her large colourful Okanagan landscapes. While At Malaspina Printmakers Gallery on Granville Island she produced over 140 Large Monotypes. Some of these can be seen at the Vancouver International Airport.

 Jan’s work has been published in a Book titled Nexus: Histories and Communities A series of six large monotypes, entitled The Packing House Series, speak to The disappearance of the Okanagan identity. By incorporating brightly coloured Vintage fruit labels with archival photographs from museums, these prints have become records of a faded cultural identity. They are a significant contribution to the heritage of the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

Today Jan works in acrylic and focuses on still life and landscape. Her large jars of cherries, peaches and apricots are saturated with eye popping colour. The canning jar labels like Mason, Jewell and Improved, speak to a time when the valley was a fruit producing region of BC. Her jars have become “portraits” of Okanagan identity. Jan has had an ongoing dialogue with her photography, cultural identity and paint for the past quarter century. Her work is in a category of cultural realism. “these jars of fruit(symbols of environmental awareness) are my story about  relationship  with our land and the Okanagan”. These contemporary still life’s of the canning jar are symbols of cultural identity.Her work communicates an awareness to preserve our need for cultural identities.

Jan's large landscapes (back inside the orchard) are a recent body of work recapturing another symbol, the fruit tree. These landscapes are a narration of “the orchard” that have vanished during the past forty years. Through Jan’s photography the experience of the orchard is brought back to life and like the jar, also speak to our Canadian identity

 Jan’s work can be seen at Galleries in the Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, The Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver. North Van Arts, Vancouver. Her work has been exhibited at public and private Galleries throughout BC and California. Collections include the Vancouver International Airport, The Lakeside Resort, The Manteo Resort ,The Penticton Regional Hospital and Okanagan Wineries . Jan has donated her work to various arts organizations: Arts umbrella, shooting stars foundation, Kelowna Art Gallery, The Penticton Art Gallery  and the BC Cancer agency  in Vancouver and Victoria.

 Jan Crawford - Pasted


 This workshop Goal is:

* The experience of adapting a new painting technique.

* Enhancing your painting using the glazing technique.

* Expanding your existing knowledge of colour theory.

* FOCUS - Mixing and controlling transparent colour.

                  Applying several layers of transparent colour.

                  Paint application – brush work.

* Painting from transparent to opaque.


Jan Crawford-Okanagan Moorparks Preserved II

 Okanagan Moorparks Preserved II

 Supply list for attendees - revised Nov 14th

- The glazing process requires acrylic paint, acrylic mediums and soft brushes (Water colour brushes,  flat end ¼”  and round).  Glazing involves painting several layers of transparent colour


The Instructor will supply (students will pay $10 for these items):


GAC 100

Glazing Liquid

Gloss Medium


Soft Gel Gloss

 "8 x 8" canvas prepared 

Palettes:  students can use Jan's glass plates 8 x 10 for mixing acrylics.



In addition, students please bring:

11 x 14 stretched canvas (Buzz from Opus - less expensive)

5 x 7 canvas panel (Buzz from Opus- less expenseive)

GAC 500

small bottle of retarder

a coloured image (not portraits or abstracts) for your 11 x 14 canvas - be inspired by your image, one you can paint in the two day course. 



Your first painting experience will be on the prepared 8x8” canvas that I will supply, if you bring the $10 -  this is so you can begin painting with this technique right away after the introduction of the method.


 Second painting experience will be on the 11x14” canvas.  We will coat this canvas with gesso at the end of the first day so that it is ready to go for day #2.



 ACRYLIC PAINT:  Golden, Stevenson, Liquitex are suggested

  Fluid acrylic or heavy body acrylic

  Bring the acrylics you want to use for your 11x14 canvas


ACRYLIC COLOURS – for 8x8” painting 


Bring comparable colours.  These are the Golden Acrylic colours that I use: 


Napthol red

Vat orange

Pyrrole red

Alizarin crimson

Cad orange

Cad red

Cad yellow

Yellow ochre or yellow oxide

Paynes grey

Jenkins green

Diox purple

Titanium white



 - Water container

- Rag or paper towels

- Painting palette for mixing ( note: I will supply small 8x10 glass plates #15)

- Palette knife

- Colour photo for your larger painting

- Pencil to draw on the canvas

- Other materials you may use while painting.


No easels required.

Please bring a plastic table cover (inexpensive at the Dollar Store) to cover your table.
Any questions please contact Jan Crawford:
 Please refrain from wearing strongly scented products or perfume for workshops in the close quarters of the Music Box.
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