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Details for " Maria Josenhans' November 16,17 Workshop"

 A Workshop for Oils and Acrylics

 "Explore the Methodology of Painting a Landscape" with Maria Josenhans

Maria Josenhans-Where The Salmon Run

Where the Salmon Run 



Saturday, November 16th, 9:30~4:00

(Please arrive early to set up)

and Sunday, November 17th,  9:30 ~ 3:30

 (We all must be out by 4pm)

Lunch break will be 1/2 hour ~ one hour

Also take note that we only rent this space at The Music Box and are fortunate to do so at a special rate, therefore keeping our course costs very low.  We do not guarantee that you will find dishes, cups, cutlery, can openers, etc. as we share this space with many other groups.  Plan your lunch so that you bring your own cups/cutlery( think environment friendly) and that you can have a picnic outside if the weather is fine, or inside by your table. Coffee, tea and some snacks will be provided. 

There are plenty of small places for lunch close by in the area.



 The Music Box (Upstairs)

 1564 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver BC.  V7V 1A1

Parking: there is parking beside the Music Box :

There is space for about a dozen cars by the Music Box, if done carefully. Parking is free on Bellevue on Sunday, as well.  A space close to the building must be reserved for our guest artist, so when you arrive please make sure one spot is left open near the building.  

 Maria Josenhans-summer sonnet

Summer Sonnet


  Bio for Maria Josenhans

  Maria Josenhans has been practicing art for more than three decades. Her early formal training at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, laid the groundwork for her ever evolving sensibilities, the focus of which is a connecting and reconnecting with the natural world. Her painting career has been directed, informed and inspired by long periods of immersion in travel, dance, and large format photography.


 Painting both outdoors on location and in her North Vancouver studio, she plays back and forth between representational and abstract work allowing each painting to find its own unique path. She believes there can be no substitute for what happens in response to direct observation and invites her outdoor painting to provide the creative impulse and information for all of her work. Her aim is not to have the viewer experience what she sees and feels but to create a space that shares a tender tribute to the ordinary.


Maria has taken part in several Invitational Plein Air events including Paint the Peninsula, Washington, and Paint the Mountain, West Vancouver. She has received numerous awards and grants, including the Grand Prize at the Kilby Plein Air Festival, Harrison Mills, BC; the Don S. Williams Grant, North Vancouver, BC; the Stafford Plant Award and Honourable Mention for Best Landscape at the Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, to name only a few.


Born and raised in the New England area of the US, Maria brings her innate aesthetic to the west coast landscape she now calls home.  Maria's work is represented through the Buckland Southerst Gallery, West Vancouver; The Avenue Gallery, Victoria; and Art Interiors, Toronto. Her work is found in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the US, Europe, and Japan.

Maria Josenhans-Birdseye View

Birdseye View

 This workshop Goal is:

 This workshop is suitable to all levels, however a good understanding of colour is helpful. Painters will be examining and employing a process of designing a landscape painting (using their own photo reference, either printed or on a tablet screen), first by understanding how the image best relates their intention through values (i.e. black and white). During the painting process artists will then consider how their colours relate to their values and how that will support their idea/intention of their image. The painting will be done "alla prima".

    Supply list for attendees
Please bring your table easel; and plastic table cloth - essential to protect the table ( inexpensive item found at a Dollar Store). There are some standard easels kept at the site that we can use.
Paint Brands:
For OIL paints: Gamblin is recommended as an artist's grade paint, as well as Williamsburg, Winsor and Newton, Holbein or any professional grade paint. Winton is recommended as a student grade oil paint
(please avoid inferior brands such as Pebeo, Reeves and Georgian!)
Colors: (all 37 ml tubes unless otherwise noted)
* Cadmium Yellow Light
   Yellow Ochre
  Cadmium Red Light
* Permanent Alizarin
* Ultramarine Blue
  Cobalt Blue
  Viridian Green
* Titanium White
(*These colours are essential for painting with a limited palette)
 If there are painters who would like to work in acrylic, that's fine;  this workshop is not really about oil painting techniques so much as it is about constructing an image. The paint colours would be the same in acrylic; Golden and Liquitex are preferred, along with synthetic brushes, retarder, and medium. 
Painting surfaces primed with gesso: (please add at least a couple of coats of gesso even if the product says it is ready to use!)
Primed Canvas or linen (panel or stretched), Birch panel or cradled panel is also OK but must be primed with gesso. No smaller than 11x14, no larger than 16x20, of any proportion. (consider bringing 2 different sizes so that you can choose after you’ve done your sketches.)
Painting medium for painting with oils:
 Odorless Mineral Spirits 8oz (Gamsol is best!)
 Cup for solvent
Palette: (Approximate size 11x14)
  You may choose to either have your palette on a table or hold it while you paint.
 Oil painters may use a glass, plexi, wood, or disposable paper palette.
 Brushes: All long handle
Natural bristle brushes for oil painting .
 Flats and filberts ranging from 2-12 (minimum 6 brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes within this range)
* Black fine point Sharpie pen
* Viewcatcher
 12 or 18 inch ruler
 Roll of quality paper towel
 Cotton rag
 Pencil (4B or 6B) and eraser
* Marker pad.(min 6x8) Crescent Rendr is the best! The Aquabee Marker Pad is good, the smallest is 9x12.
 Latex or nitrile gloves (optional)
 4 or more PHOTOS TAKEN BY YOU of landscapes to work from. (Also any plein air works that may be useful!)
You may work from prints or from a tablet/laptop. If choosing the latter please be sure to bring an appropriate stand for viewing the screen while working, as well as any power supply chords etc.
 Please refrain from wearing strongly scented products or perfume for workshops in the close quarters of the Music Box.
 Administrative Notes:

 RegistrationTo sign up for this workshop directly, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. Enrollment and waitlist status is also presented there. You can pay directly on-line by credit card.

You will need to make payment within 24 hours of your enrollment or it will be automatically cancelled so if you need assistance in paying, please contact Stephen Cowell, 
 [Payment by cheque is discouraged as this is unreliable when time is of the essence.] 

  This course may fill up quickly.  Do not hesitate to join the WAIT LIST. If it is full, do not be discouraged. Check back later- you may still be able to get in.

For every workshop we have run this year, we have had cancellations because of illness or change of plans.  Often even a wait list of eight names or more is moved up because "life changes things."  However, if you are on the wait list and change your own plans, please do not hold your space in the queue. Please take your name off the wait list and let someone else have a chance.   Be kind to your colleagues and remove your name if you have a change of plans. 


  If you are unable to attend a workshop, refunds are not issued, but you may find another person to take your place. 

 Only if the workshop is full and there is a willing replacement on the Waitlist, can you cancel through Stephen Cowell ( which case a refund will be issued.   


 No Refunds will be issued within 48 hours of the workshop start time. NSAG reserves the right to cancel the course within 3 weeks.


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