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September 21st /22nd, 2019  Linda Bell's Workshop


 Exploring the YOU in Your Paintings”  

 - Acrylic and Mixed Media

Life is Bowl of Cherries-Linda Bell

Life is Bowl of Cherries



Saturday, September 21,

9:30-4:00 (Please arrive early to set up)

and Sunday, September 22,

9:30-3:30 (We all must be out by 4pm)


LunchWe will take 45 minute ~1hr lunch break. 

Also take note that we only rent this space at The Music Box and are fortunate to do so at a special rate, therefore keeping our course costs very low.  We do not guarantee that you will find dishes, cups, cutlery, can openers, etc. as we share this space with many other groups.  Plan your lunch so that you bring your own cups/cutlery( think environment friendly) and that you can have a picnic outside if the weather is fine, or inside by your table. Coffee, tea and some snacks will be provided. 

There are plenty of small places for lunch close by in the area. 


 The Music Box (Upstairs)

 1564 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver BC.  V7V 1A1

Parking: there is parking beside the Music Box :

There is space for about a dozen cars by the Music Box, if done carefully. Parking is free on Bellevue on Sunday, as well.  A space close to the building must be reserved for our guest artist, so when you arrive please make sure one spot is left open near the building.  

 What a Hoot-Linda Bell

What a Hoot


Workshop Outline

Introductions, guided group discussion about you as an artist, sharing your thoughts and beliefs. (some questions will be sent out prior to the workshop for you to consider. 

Materials, Tools and Techniques Overview:

* Perhaps trying out something new e.g creating your own collage papers if you like. 

* Design elements and principles - what do you respond to? (some homework before the workshop will be suggested for your review) 

* Practice sessions through out the the 2 days, experimenting and analyzing where you are and where you want to go with your art. 



 Bio for Linda Bell

Linda Bell is an award winning Mixed Media artist. She has achieved signature status with the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and with the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP). She has had her work published in several books. Many of her paintings are abstract in nature ranging from abstracted figures, flowers and still life to non objective works. Bold colours, the use of line, distorted shapes and a bit of whimsy are evident in many of her paintings.  


This workshop is

suitable for:

 Individuals who are comfortable and familiar with with acrylic paints and mediums 

 • Individuals who are curious and willing to explore and experiment and do not have the expectation of having a masterpiece at the end of the workshop. (who knows you might create a great painting, but enjoying the process is very good too) 

Playing with Shape and Colour-Linda Bell

Playing with Shape and Colour


  Supply list for attendees

 * Acrylics - I use mostly Golden Products and Kroma Paints (found on Granville Island) 

* White and Black Gesso 

* Heavy Body Acrylics - bring a blue, red and yellow plus any other colours that you have and like. Make sure you have some opaque and transparent paints. Colours I tend to favour include Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Red and Nickel Azo Gold….. also loving Teal Blue and Indian yellow. 

* Fluid Acrylics - again bring 3 primary colours if you have them. A fluid black and white are very helpful for glazing and a metallic is always fun if you like a bit of glitz 

* Acrylic Inks - FW is good - a bottle of a fun colour such as a pearlescent can add interest 

*Hi Flow Golden Acrylic (Black)— only if you want to fill up a pen for drawing (see below) 

* Acrylic Medium - I prefer gloss but up to you if you like the Satin or Matt look 

* Acrylic Glazing Fluid - I use this to thin and mix my paints as well as to make glazes 

* If you like texture bring your favourite pastes and gels. If you want to collage thicker pieces of paper into your paintings an acrylic gel is helpful. 


Drawing Materials: 

* Drawing paper and regular pens and pencils to make notes and sketches 

* Small box of oil pastels 

* Other drawing materials such as graphite, charcoal, water colour crayons, china markers if you want to try. 

* Molotov empty pump marker to fill with high flow black acrylic if you want to try this out. Do NOT buy pre filled Molotov pens as I have found that they can smear. There are other acrylic markers available too if you want to bring —- be careful of pens with alcohol based inks as they tend to bleed through layers. 


Collage Stuff:

 If you are into or want to try collage bring some papers — found papers, commercial papers and any papers you have made. Making your own papers on tissue or deli paper is something I will be glad to demo for those who are interested - but this can be a workshop in itself. If you do want to spend time on this during the workshop then bring what you have in the way of brayers, gelli or plexi plates, stencils, stamps etc. I will bring some artists tissue, deli papers and my gelli plates and stencils to share with you. 



Please send me an e-mail:  prior to the workshop letting me know if this is an area you want to concentrate on.



* Your usual water buckets, brushes, palette, hairdryer (if you are impatient like me) paper towels and rags.

* Supports - Canvas,Wood panel or heavy watercolour paper - your preference, The size and number is up to you — but suggest you have some smaller sizes to try things out and be able to finish a painting if that is what you want. 

* Also suggest — if you have — bring one of your “less successful paintings” that you are willing to paint over — I have found that this can be “freeing” experience Prior to the workshop


*  Please bring your table easel, and a plastic table cloth (a cheap item found at a Dollar Store) is essential to protect the table.  There are some standard easels kept at the site that we can use.



 * When you have registered, and about 2 weeks before the course, send Linda Bell an email ( to request “your homework” in preparation for the workshop. This will include some questions to ponder and include selecting some images of paintings that you love as well as reference material.


  Branching Out-Linda Bell

Branching Out


 Administrative Notes:



Registration: To sign up for this workshop directly, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. Enrollment and waitlist status is also presented there. You can pay directly on-line by credit card. You will need to make payment within 24 hours of your enrollment or it will be automatically cancelled so if you need assistance in paying, please contact Stephen Cowell,  [Payment by cheque is discouraged as this is unreliable when time is of the essence].

This course may fill up quickly.  Do not hesitate to join the WAIT LIST. If it is full, do not be discouraged. Check back later- you may still be able to get in.

For every workshop we have run this year, we have had cancellations because of illness or change of plans.  Often even a wait list of eight names or more is moved up because "life changes things."  However, if you are on the wait list and change your own plans, please do not hold your space in the queue. Please take your name off the wait list and let someone else have a chance.   Be kind to your colleagues and remove your name if you have a change of plans. 



  If you are unable to attend a workshop, refunds are not issued, but you may find another person to take your place. 

 Only if the workshop is full and there is a willing replacement on the Waitlist, can you cancel through

Stephen Cowell(,

in which case a refund will be issued.   

 No Refunds will be issued within 48 hours of the workshop start time. NSAG reserves the right to cancel the course within 3 weeks.


Course Cost & Status

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