Details for " May 11/12 'Let's try Abstraction' with Barry Rafuse"

Barry Rafuse's Abstract workshop in May 


"Let's Try Abstraction"

with Barry Rafuse

 Barry Rafuse -cardinal shards

Cardinal Shards



Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12

09:30 - 4:00

Lunch: We will take 1hr lunch break so people should plan to bring their own or head up the street to Macdonald’s.  Coffee will be available in the studio. 


 Dene Croft's Studio and Gallery

118 Pemberton Ave. (@West 1st)

Course Description 

 This is for Oils, Acrylic and All Mediums

 The course will focus on painting abstracts.  Participants will be encouraged to stretch their abilities and to try something "different".  This could be an opportunity to work with new materials,  to try different techniques and to seek unfamiliar results.  It could be a time to be on the edge,  to challenge yourself and to paint outside your comfort zone.

Artists have the freedom to paint with whatever  tools and mediums they want.  Likewise, for painting surfaces.  

Artists should not feel they have to spend a lot of money on course materials.   My list is meant to give  you lots of room for choice.I believe it is a good thing to use workshops for exploration.  Therefore, consider using a larger brush or a larger surface than you usually do.  Consider bringing a product that you have not worked with before.  Place yourself in a situation where you cannot easily control end results.

 Be aware that abstraction is difficult for many.  Experience with using mediums and knowledge of the basics - such as composition and use of color - is an asset.


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   Bio for Barry Rafuse

 Barry Rafuse is a Canadian abstract artist who resides in the Okanagan. He retired from a 35 year career in the judicial field.  Upon retirement, he took numerous painting courses and found a style he has maintained.  His love of water colour on paper gave him permission to trust the flow of paint and from that came his passion for abstraction.  His satisfaction of combining mixed media also contributed to his interest to "experiment".  The less he could control the end results, the better he liked it. 


For the past fifteen years,  he has become an established, professional artist.  He was awarded his Signature status with the Canadian Artists (SFCA) in 2013.  He is an art instructor, juror and painter who exhibits his work in Canadian galleries.He was awarded his Signature status with the Canadian Artists (SFCA) in 2013.  He is an art instructor, juror and painter who exhibits his work in Canadian galleries.

Barry's paintings evolve from what he calls his inspirations from nature.  He is heavily influenced by the never ending patterns, designs and compositions found in plants, frost, erosion, and rock.
He states, "I like to push the medium, to take chances and to explore with paint and textures.  He uses large brushes to keep his paintings loose.  He described his painting process by stating, "rarely do I commence a painting with preconceived ideas or a predictable outcome in mind.  I like the challenge of working with the unknown and letting the painting evolve".
He is in his late seventies and has not slowed down. 
He says, "painting is an essential part of my life because it keeps me grounded".
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  Supply list for attendees



 Surfaces - paper, panel board, canvas - totally your choice, up to a maximum of 30" x 30" 
Paints - acrylics, water color, gouache, pastels, oil, paint sticks, gesso  - totally your choice.
Drawing/sketching  - graphite, charcoal, crayons, conte, pencil, ink  - totally your choice.
I will be demonstrating on canvas and using mixed media.
Bring whatever you normally use. 
Typical things would be:
Containers, paper towel, rags, spray bottle, hair drier, saran wrap, salt, rubbing alcohol, masking fluid, brushes; 
Easels will be supplied for you at the studio.
If you are wanting to use "textures" - I recommend you prepare in advance. (My demo canvas will have texture).
Bring reference pictures/objects for painting ideas.  It helps me to see what you are influenced by when one - on - one occurs.  
 Administrative Notes:

Registration: To sign up for this workshop directly, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. Enrollment and waitlist status is also presented there. You can pay directly on-line by credit card. You will need to make payment within 24 hours of your enrollment or it will be automatically cancelled so if you need assistance in paying, please contact Stephen Cowell,  [Payment by cheque is discouraged as this is unreliable when time is of the essence.] 

This course may fill up quickly.  Do not hesitate to join the WAIT LIST. If it is full, do not be discouraged. Check back later- you may still be able to get in.

For every workshop we have run this year, we have had cancellations because of illness or change of plans.  Often even a wait list of eight names or more is moved up because "life changes things."  However, if you are on the wait list and change your own plans, please do not hold your space in the queue. Please take your name off the wait list and let someone else have a chance.   Be kind to your colleagues and remove your name if you have a change of plans. 



 If you are unable to attend a workshop, refunds are not issued, but you may find another person to take your place. 

Only if the workshop is full and there is a willing replacement on the Waitlist,  can you cancel through Stephen Cowell(, in which case a refund will be issued.   

No Refunds will be issued within 48 hours of the workshop start time.

 NSAG reserves the right to cancel the course within 2 weeks.

 Our workshops are held regularly at Dene Croft Studios (image below)


 Pemberton and First in North Vancouver 

It is open to public!

Course Cost & Status

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