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Details for "April 13/14 David Langevin's Acrylic workshop"

Workshop in April

Learn everything

 you need to know to master acrylic painting...!

with David Langevin

 David Langervin-Still not Funny

Still not Funny



 April 13th and 14th, 2019

 Sat. & Sun.  9 am - 4 pm



 Dene Croft's Studio and Gallery

118 Pemberton Ave. (@West 1st)


   About the Artist:

Trees and rocks, water and sky, mountains and snow, these elements, combined with distinctive painting methods and an audacious style, have characterized the paintings of this well known artist.

David Langevin’s dramatic renditions of the Canadian wilderness and his bold ‘tree portraits’ have become almost as familiar as the subject they depict.  His striking use of light and unique painting methods create a captivating vision of this country’s landscape.  A hike in the forest or the mountains is never the same for those who have come to know Langevin’s imagery.

After finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Ottawa, David spent several years perfecting his painting skills. He pored over old texts, treatises, and manuscripts stored in the backrooms of art restoration departments and libraries reserved for conservationists. David obtained a Masters in Art Education degree from McGill University, specializing in methods and materials for the painter.  Since 1992, he has been living in British Columbia where he finds an endless supply of inspiration for his art. 

David gives lectures, writes a regular technical column for painters, consults, and conducts workshops on painting materials and techniques. His paintings are sold in galleries across Canada. 



 About his Paintings:


 David’s painting style is somewhat unique. He uses an elaborate system of layers of transparent and translucent paint, called glazes and veils, as well as a variety of texture effects that create dramatic images of his subjects. Having studied the painting methods of his favourite historical painters like Da Vinci, Correggio, Titian, Caravaggio, Ruebens, and Rembrandt, to name a few, he has developed a system of painting that is part Renaissance, part Canadian.

The  transparent layers of paint draw the viewer into the painting and the textures  create an enticing tactile quality. 

David Langervin-Colorful Neighbours

Colouful Neighbours



Focus of this workshop:


In this workshop the focus will be on learning the specific properties of acrylics and how you can use them to achieve fantastic results.  Come prepared to take notes, ask questions, and to paint.





David Langervin-Carol's favorite place


  Carole's Favourite Place



Here is a list of the spplies

you will need:

 -Acrylic paints (Important: do not buy additional paints before the workshop, bring what you have.  If you have none, don’t bring any paints.)

-Acrylic Gloss Medium

-Large water container and rags

-paint brushes and palette


-3 painting supports, approx. 16x20 (canvas or painting board)


-no need for reference material or photographs.  The painting exercises in this workshop will be guided.  



 *Lunch: We will take a 45 minute lunch break so people should plan to bring their own or head up the street to Macdonald’s.  Coffee will be available in the studio


 Administrative Notes:

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 Our workshops are held regularly at Dene Croft Studios.

 Pemberton and First in North Vancouver  (image below)






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