I was born in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania,East Africa. My passion for painting came from all the natural beauty I was always surrounded by, but the beauty of Canada is exceptional. Admirer of natural beauty, it inspired me to draw and paint and capture things around me.

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Mumtaz Bandali’s work is deeply influenced by her affinity to nature, life experiences, and the beauty found in her surroundings.  Mumtaz is an avid traveller and always loves admiring landscapes, flowers, lakes, trees and scenery in the different places she visits.  In early 1991, after moving from East Africa to Canada, she decided to take a watercolour class in Vancouver; her love and passion for painting grew from that moment on.  For years, Mumtaz primarily enjoyed working with watercolours and has since evolved into painting with acrylics.  Mumtaz captures the essence of rural landscapes, and paints primarily with elemental earth tones.  Largely known for her sophisticated landscapes, sunsets, lakes, and florals, she has more recently been inspired by the complexity and beauty of abstracts.  She strives to captivate viewers with her inspiration of the wonders of nature and its simple yet complex colours. 

Mumtaz’s portfolio has greatly diversified in the past 25 years and she is always keen to continuously learn and gain new techniques through courses and workshops.  She has worked with and has been inspired by many well known local Vancouver artists including Teresa Bernard, Barry Chadwick, Shauna Miller, and Mike Svob.  Although she continues to travel almost 5 months of the year, Mumtaz enjoys painting on her travels as well as in her art studio at her home in West Vancouver and her retreat on Bowen Island.  Her artwork can be seen in local restaurants in Vancouver including The Portly Chef in North Vancouver, a few local galleries, as well as on her website –  She has donated many of her beautiful pieces to several local charities including Face the World Foundation, The World Partnership Walk, and Vancouver General Hospital.

As she continues to learn and explore different artistic techniques, her artwork continues to grow and evolve as well.