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I was born in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. I grew up on a farm, the third of nine free range siblings. From my rural family life I gained an appreciation of the beauty and diversity found in nature.


Later, the discipline of dance training introduced me to the symetry of body line, movement and rhythm. When I arrived in Vancouver in the late 1960's, I joined a modern dance company and performed in original choreographed works by Paula Ross, at the Arts Club Theatre and venues in and around Vancouver.


Art in my life has expressed itself in the form of dance, crafts, woodworking, yoga and visual art. Sometimes I am surprised when one art form unexpectedly leads to another. Woodworking led me to tole painting where I discovered the joy of painting. Eventually I began expressing myself in original work on canvas and realized how much I had to learn. I studied drawing in 2003 with Michael Britten at the Vancouver Art Academy. Since then, I have attended numerous courses led by skilled artists and have explored other mediums including watercolour, oils and acrylics.


Art is a process that is never finished. Becoming an artist has opened windows of delight and expression that I wish to share with others, particularly life form and movement. My art is an expression of who I am now; a process of my evolution.

"Race Day (Sold)" by Kay Fuller


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