Kaarina McGivney

Kaarina McGivney

I discovered painting in 2014 when I retired from a career in biology and management with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  Painting enables me to explore my creative side and has opened my world to new perspectives. 

Throughout my life, I have been closely connected with nature,  professionally as a biologist and personally through cruising the west coast and hiking our local forests.  I am inspired by the splendor of the ocean, mountains and forests that are British Columbia as well as places that I experience in my travels abroad. Now that I paint, I take even greater pleasure in my surroundings.

I started painting using oils and love them for the vibrancy and flexibility.  I also use watercolours as they are fun and freeing. They are also easier to pack while travelling or exploring the coast. 

I work primarily from my own photos.  I love painting seascapes, landscapes, wildlife and abstracts.  I am mesmerized by the motion of water and the changing character of the sea.  Reflections fascinate me, turning the world upside down and warping it through movement and light, melding the boundaries between reality and perception. Colour, light, shapes and motion enhance the natural beauty beyond what our eyes see at first glance.  I aim to share my perspective and capture the essence of the place through my paintings.

I am an active member of the North Shore Artists' Guild.