Welcome to my website


I was born in the south of France where I studied art at l’Ècole des Beaux-Arts in Marseille.  Over the years, I have taken painting classes at Capilano College and workshops with a number of well-known artists. I travel as much as I can and am inspired artistically by every country I visit. My favourite medium is acrylic which I find to be the most versatile. It allows me to experiment with different techniques which vary according to the subject and how I feel about it.


Wherever I am, I am inspired by the works of Nature and I try to capture how that beauty is enhanced by light, whether it is the subdued light of British Columbia or the vibrant light of Provence. I particularly enjoy painting the light of dawn or dusk. My hope is that those who see my paintings will share the joy I feel when I create them.


I am currently a member of the North Vancouver Community Arts Council and the North Shore Artists Guild, having served on the Board of Directors for two years.




Harmony Arts Festival, West Vancouver;

Kay Meek Art Show, West Vancouver;

Waterfront Theatre Gallery, Vancouver;

Kunamokst Mural Mosaic, Olympic Opening Celebration, West Vancouver;

Klee Wyck House, West Vancouver;

Cityscape Gallery, North Vancouver;

West Vancouver Community Centre;

West Vancouver Library;

Lawson Creek Studio, West Vancouver;

Park & Tilford Show, North Vancouver;

Ferry Building, West Vancouver;

Capilano Mall Group Show, North Vancouver;

Park Royal Group Show, West Vancouver;

Parkgate Annual Art Show, North Vancouver;

Lonsdale Quay Brushstrokes Gallery, North Vancouver.


My work is also in private collections in Canada and France.