Artist Statement

My Art journey began in my native Mexico where I grew up into a family of writers, artists and  musicians. Since very young I was interested in drawing and that soon developed into a hobby and a passion.

I was introduced to Oil Paintings during my youth, waking up a desire to explore the medium of the masters and it progressed into doing local exhibits of my paintings. My Art studies have continued to this date exploring new techniques as well as other mediums such as Acrylics and Watercolours. Recently I have concentrated my expertise, but not exclusively, to Watercolours, enjoying the many challenges of this beautiful and versatile medium.

Nature has always been a great inspiration to me because of the movement of light and colour, but I have also been inspired by the diversity of cultures of the world throughout my travels. Our world is a magnificent and open Art Studio that humbly I portray on canvas. It is my honor to share some of my art with you.