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For me the creative process is an emotional experience. I enter into a personal relationship with my paintings, one in which the painting speaks to me as much as I inform the spirit of the painting.  I use acrylic paints and various mediums to create texture and interest, and I begin with no preconceived ideas as to the final creation.  Rather, I embark on a journey with the canvas and paints, never quite knowing where we are going.  Working in an intuitive and instinctive way, I always strive to bring about an ethereal expession, evoking a mystical response from anyone viewing my work.

I am predominantly a self-taught artist, though I have attended numerous workshops both with local and international artists, all of whom have provided expert guidance and advice.

I am an active member of the North Shore Artists' Guild, and have taken part in many juried and non-juried shows.  My paintings may be found in private collections in Vancouver, the UK, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and the US. 

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Telephone: 604-921-8784