Lynn Webster

Lynn Webster West Vancouver




Lynn grew up in the Okanagan Valley, with a great love of the outdoors. After moving to Vancouver's North Shore, raising children and following a professional career, she had more time available to follow her interest in art and painting. Previous and ongoing study in this pursuit involved courses and workshops with well-known local and national artists, including those with the Federation of Canadian Artists and Vancouver Academy of Arts programmes.

Raised in a sunny climate, Lynn developed a keen awareness and appreciation of the impact of bright lights and colour on the countryside. Her paintings are guided by this personal experience, as well as by a search for relationship and harmony of forms in the image at hand. She is fascinated with the creative process, of getting to a place where the painting evolves into its own entity, leaving the confines of its origins. Utilizing a predominantly impressionistic approach with lively brush work, Lynn paints in both oils and acrylics.
She enjoys painting urban and landscapes, the character of buildings, the universalism of people and children, and still-life.

As well as being active in the North Shore Artists' Guild, Lynn has active status membership with the Canadian Federation of Artists , and has exhibited in shows at the Canadian Federation of Artists Gallery, the Ferry Building Gallery,the Seymour Gallery, the West Vancouver Library, and North Shore Artists' Guild Shows.