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Please browse through my galleries. My paintings reflect my feelings and experiences.

The styles range from realism to expressionism and all of the paintings are in oil paint on quality wrapped canvas.

Commissioned work is welcome. 


  If you would like one of my paintings in a different size I would be very happy to do it for you or you may have an interesting idea of your own that you want saved in an oil painting. I would love to chat with you about it.


                       Paintings can be framed or un-framed according to your taste

                       and wall space.

                       Please e-mail me using the email link in the menu.



Shows and Sales

"Pender Morning Light" by Joanne Unruh"Juicy Fruit" by Joanne Unruh"Excusez Moi Monsieur!!" by Joanne Unruh"Nightfall South Okanagan" by Joanne Unruh                           

The above paintings are my submissions for

           The 2019 Spring Art Show and Sale

             SUNDAY  April 28th 10:00-5:00

                West Vancouver Rec Centre

                 MARINE DRIVE AT 21ST


The admission is free with lots of free parking. I hope to see you there.

                    Please email me for a reminder invitation.



I will continue to paint daily in my little home "studio" in West Vancouver.

I can create a painting of your choice, in any size or subject.  Reasonable rates.




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Special Okanagan Night

About The Artist

"The Starting Point" by Joanne Unruh"Chateau at St Remy" by Joanne Unruh


 ""Happiness for Judy"" by Joanne Unruh"Pretty Blue Car" by Joanne Unruh




 ""The Beauty of the Morning" " by Joanne Unruh 


 The creative arts have fascinated me all my life. My activities have run the gamut from dancing and skating, drama, fashion design and sewing, to clay sculpture, drawing and painting. My career as a Home Economics Teacher was full of artistic endeavor. I am passionate about expressing my life experience in art and continue to develop new techniques for this in classes with professionals. Dianne Keirnan, and James Picard have been great mentors. 

Millicent Harrison taught me about clay sculpture. She had worked in Ottawa at the Museum Of Natural History.

My daughter Christie seems to have a natural creative ability and I want her to paint, so I paint as a way of setting a good example in hope that she will catch the bug.

During sports activities, travel abroad and visits with family and friends I gather images that I want and need to put on canvas.

If you have ever thought you might like to venture into an art class, go for it. You may find that you have a gift and you would never have known of it if you didn't try. The world needs more art and at the very least making art could be as fascinating for you as it is for me. I am currently and active member of the North Shore Artist’s Guild and a Supporting Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

The world is amazing.

Artistic Statement

                                 The challenge of deciding what to paint and how to do it is great fun. 

"Bowl Full of Peaches" by Joanne Unruh


I was born in Vancouver and moved to Winnipeg at age 9 where I continued to enjoy almost every sport as well as studying music for many years. While I had some art classes, they were very academic and dull. I was much better at skating, track, volleyball and school musicals. I am really lucky to have found painting at all.

My interest in science led me to the faculty of Home Economics and a career in teaching Food and Nutrition, Child Development and Clothing and Textiles.

On moving back to Vancouver in 1993 I was able to retire from teaching and give time to clay sculpture, drawing, and oil painting. My love of skiing takes me to the frozen beauty of the mountains. Summer days are often spent hiking through the hillside vineyards and orchards of Naramata in the Okanagan or swimming from the boat in the lake.

I am married to David Unruh and live in West Vancouver. I have a son and daughter and 2 fabulous grandsons.