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Graeme Conlon


My first taste of the art world, literally, was the 1985 Cadbury’s National Children’s Art Exhibition, where my still life pastel painting at secondary school was accepted for a touring exhibition in selected big cities throughout the UK.
Off I went to my nation's capital city Edinburgh with my proud parents to see my 'masterpiece’.

During my teenage years, I was painting (alongside my father, Brian), copying the French Impressionists and taking regular visits to the Kelvingrove Glasgow Art Museum and the Burrell Collection to improve my technique.
Completion of a degree in Chemistry, was followed by a one year work exchange to beautiful British Columbia. This is when I experienced the New World, and where I was to finally return 4 years later to settle.

New inspiration proved to be the shipping tankers in English Bay, the wilderness in Tofino, the local sandy beaches and the impressive North Shore mountains. We are truly blessed to live in a such a spectacularly beautiful city.
My style is definitely influenced by the Impressionists and I am never short of ideas, from landscapes to seascapes, from rock stars to sheep. Perhaps this is due to my science and artistic combination. 

Over the last few years, I have had several successful solo exhibitions and I am proud to have my paintings owned worldwide in the UK, Germany, Holland, South Africa, New Zealand, USA and here in Canada.

I have been an active member of the Guild, exhibiting my work at the Spring Shows and the Annual Fine Art Sales and Brushstrokes. I enjoy volunteering with the equipment set up for NSAG shows and I enjoy sharing my art and experiences with the North Shore art community. 

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