About the Artist

Edme Focant is a passionate artist who enjoys painting a variety of subjects including architecture, nature, landscapes and seascapes.

He has travelled many diverse countries before and during his retirement, which is the inspiration behind many of his paintings. His passion for detail and perspective are evident in all of his pieces.

Although Edme has focussed mostly on acrylics on canvas, he also enjoys painting in oil and graphite drawing.


Edme Focant



                "Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,

                   and paints his own nature into is pictures"                             

                 Henry Ward Beecher



Born in Belgium, my family passed along a strong appreciation for the art and music at an early age.

We were always grateful to be surrounded by beautiful architecture and galleries containing remarkable paintings which cultivated a strong appreciation for the arts and music.

My education and career was in the industry sector where I focussed mainly on drafting and design. In my spare time, I found pleasure in drawing, photography and woodworking; making furniture, toys and various keepsake carvings.

A few years ago, I took part in an oil painting class in North Vancouver which triggered a deep passion for painting. Now retired, I enjoy spending much more time in front of my easel. Although my paintings showcase a wide variety of different themes, each one tells a story in my experience.

My wife and I have spent many vacations cruising through many areas of the world. Many of my paintings were inspired by some of the photographs that I have taken of stunning landmarks, scenery and landscape. Living in Lynn Valley, I have also had the opportunity to spend a lot of time walking through the canyon relishing in the beauty of nature which has also inspired some of my paintings.



  • Diane Kiernan, 2001. Oil Paintings 101
  • Alan Wylie, 2002. Oil Painting Fundamentals 
  • Rita Monaco, 2002. Painting the Still Life in Oils
  • Kiff Holland, 2004. Painting the Portrait 
  • Riette Gordon, 2013/14. Water colour
  • Maria Josenhans, 2014. Painting Alla Prima
  • Gaye Adams, 2015. Alla Prima Oils
  • Richard McDiarmid, 2017. Creating Bold Painting Statements in Oils and Acrylics
  • Janice Robertson, 2018. Landscape in acrylics
  • Alan Wylie, 2018. Grisaille: A Monochromatic Painting
  • Ann Willsie, 2019. Mixing colors - The Impressionistic Landscape
  • Jan Crawford, 2019. Glazing techniques in acrylic
  • Lucas Kratochwil, 2020. Landscape Painting in Oil
  • Gaye Adams, 2020. Finding the Light
  • Andrew Tischler, 2021/2023. Various Tutorials
  • Michael Britton, 2022 Online Mentorship Program


North Shore Artists Guild.   Member since 2012

Federation of Canadian Artists.  Exhibiting member since 2015



North Van Arts. Member since 2019