Alice Bottrill's Website


Living the first part of her life in places where thoughts were unspoken has given Alice' strength to internalize her sense of direction without losing sights of what needs to be accomplished as an artist. As she tends to express her emotions through out her works, how she sees and feels about a particular subject is very important. And what excites her even more is her artworks being connected with other viewers sharing the story and philosophy in life.

Alice's artworks have been accepted into numerous shows including International Art Gallery, FCA gallery, NSAG Shows, the CityScape gallery, Brushstroke gallery and her works are also represented by Diana Hall Gallery in Sweden.  Her paintings have gained local and International acclaim and have been selected to International Watercolor Exhibitions in more than 12 countries including Italy, China, Portugal, Malaysia, Pakistan, Hungary, Poland, Kosovo, Romania, Ukraine, Switzerland and India and won awards locally and internationally.  Her artworks are well appreciated by local and International collectors.  John Kehoe, the world famous author collected one of Alice's earlier works, Fredrik Larsson in Sweden, Daniel Cheng, art and antique collector in Vancouver, National Geographic photographer Kevin Cathers in Switzerland, International Waterclor Society of Hungary and Poland are among some of collectors of Alice's works.

To Alice, the mastery of any medium is a lifetime pursuit and setbacks and failures are  part of the landscape in arts as well as in life. In the meantime, she is focusing on sharpening her skills and strengthening her mental fortitude to grow stronger as an artist.  Currently she paints and teaches watercolor workshops in her studio in North Vancouver and also offers free watercolor lessons to children on behalf of IWS Canada in a hope to spread the love of art to the next generation.