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"Canadian Winter" 22"x30" exhibited in Fabriano Watercolour International, Italty 2016

"Canadian Winter" 22"x30" exhibited in Fabriano Watercolour International, Italy, 2016.



Alice Bottrill is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Color, (CSPWC/SCPA), member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, NSAG, NSAC, and International Watercolor Society of Canada, the Kent Harrison Arts Council. She is currently working and teaching watercolor in her home studio in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. She enjoys the challenges of teaching workshops for artists with different levels.  She also designs fun workshops for children under 12  as she is hoping to spread the love of watercolor to the next generations. 

Alice's paintings cover a wide range of subject matters. During the pandemic, she developed her taste of painting nature. One may have noticed her expressive brushstrokes were often infused with translucent hues, suggesting moods and inspiring moments. Over the years, Alice has gained local and international acclaim and her artworks have been selected in a number of juried shows nationally and internationally. In 2018, Alice was invited to do a live demo for the Watercolor Society of Hungary in Budapest, and in 2019, she was invited by IWS Poland to do another live demo showcasing her skills and artistic abilities in Gdansk, Poland.  

In 2021, Alice took the role of a regional director for CSPWC representing their members in BC and the North and she also accepted the position as a co-regional director for IWS Canada.  

To Alice,  mastery of the art is a lifetime pursuit and in the meantime, she is focusing on strengthening her mental fortitude by stepping outside her comfort zone and grow stronger as an artist.

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