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Alice Bottrill is a well-respected artist currently living in Harrison Hot Springs, BC.  She is a long-standing member of the International Watercolor Society Canada ( IWS Canada), an Elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC/CSPA),  the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), NSAC and NSAG.  She is the Regional Director for IWS Canada (2021-22) and Regional Director of BC for CSPWC/CSPA (2021-22), a Chair of the CSPWC Symposium in BC in 2022.  Alice has a BA degree in Education.

Alice's paintings have been selected for many Local and International Exhibitions over the years. She has represented Canada doing live watercolor demonstrations for the IWS Hungary in Budapest in 2018 and IWS Poland in Ghdask in 2019.  Her art is represented by International Art Gallery (IAG) in Vancouver and Diana Hall Gallery in Sweden.


Alice paints fresh and loose watercolors with spontaneity and expressive brush strokes in an impressionistic style.  Her paintings cover a wide range of subjects as she loves to take on new challenges by exploring different subject matters.  Her paintings of people and animals focus on relationships evoking personality and character.  In her steam train series, one can feel the power and force behind the engines. Alice demonstrates her versatility with landscape and cityscape paintings, capturing the spirits of a scene with what is seen or unseen because painting is her expression in connection with the world around her.  When you encounter her art, you feel as if you are taken on a journey into the essence of what is being portrayed. 

Alice offers watercolor workshops/lessons to all levels of artists in the Fraser Valley area and in her home studio, focusing on the artistic development of her fellow artists. Many who came to Alice's workshop would notice her clear demonstration skills and her passion for teaching others how to paint effectively.  Her workshops are described as inspirational, interactive, and enjoyable.

To Alice, the mastery of any medium is a lifetime pursuit.  Any setbacks or failures are part of the landscape in life as well as in art. In the meantime, she is focusing on strengthening her mental fortitude and sharpening her skills to grow stronger as an artist.

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The Future Photographer 15"x22" Selected to Exposition International Aquarelles, Albi France 2023
Fisherman's Cottage