About The Artist

 "From the mind to the heart to the hand...

The moment an idea sparks in the mind it flows gently or furiously from the mind to the heart, where it is captured and turned into a moment in time. The results leap from the hand to mix around colours ... glorious colours. Then comes  the critical moment when brush touches canvas and your idea lights the canvas on fire. Original Canadian Art for you, for your home, for your history.” SDL 2016

Sue Des Lauriers is an Art Director and Marketing Specialist in consumer packaged goods with 18 years of experience in the industry. She has embarked on an adventure of expression in arts, supporter of the arts and plans to open an art studio for children. Her work revolves around imagery found in Canada, on the land and sea. She is enraptured with color and the movement of paint on the canvas. 

West Vancouver Public Art Advisory Committee

B.A.A.  Ryerson University 

Executive Diploma Marketing Management UBC

WSET Level 2 Wine & Spirit Education Trust

Based in Horseshoe Bay, BC she led the charge on creating some of BC's most successful, enduring and awarded brands such as Edible Canada, London Drugs Olympics 2010,  and a host of VQA wine brands such as; Sandhill Small Lots, Stoneboat Vineyards, Calona Vineyards Artist Series, Tinhorn Creek Vineyards and Copper Moon.


Sue Des Lauriers 

Upcoming Shows and Exhibitions

You can see my work at the following upcoming events;

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