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"Coast of Alaska" by Micheline Darroch 

Few experiences have given me as much pleasure as painting.  When in my studio, I become totally absorbed in my work and actually don't even sense the passage of time.


Growing up in Quebec City, one of my earliest memories is that of being surrounded by mounds of paper and a huge assortment of coloured pencils. I should mention that my father was a designer of shoes for women, so in our household there was always a plentiful supply of artists' material to be used, and we did so frequently.  As children, my siblings and I were constantly encouraged to explore new ideas and be creative.


In my teens, I was given a camera, and photography then became my main interest. I soon learned that painting and photography go hand in hand.  However, raising a family and balancing a career did not leave much time to practice these hobbies.


In the last few years, my husband and I have travelled extensively, and this has given me the opportunity to take many wonderful photographs which are now the main source of my paintings.

I would like to share some of my work with you.



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