"The question is not what you look at, but what you see." -- Thoreau






cropped head shot

I believe painting is an opportunity to get behind the eyes of another, a form of human communication without words. My artistic expression is about showing you what I see, translating or interpreting through line, form and colour. It allows me to share moments that might otherwise pass unnoticed. I love to seize the whimsy, the great beauty or the quiet comedy of the world around me, capture it and display it for you to notice too. The human form is a common element in my work; my landscapes will often have a person in there somewhere. I am passionate about portraiture. Nothing inspires me more than the challenge of translating an individual’s unique features and expression, and the intimacy that is allowed by this translation. Through my eyes, you might see someone new.

work in both watercolour and in oil. I love the "magic" that watercolour provides, the element of the unexpected and the uncontrolled. Oil allows me to take my time and struggle for mastery, playing with rich colours and layers.

I started painting about ten years ago, although I have been making art since I was a child, drawing all throughout my early adult years. I studied fine arts for two years at UBC, have taken courses at Emily Carr University and have also studied with many private art instructors in Vancouver and in Switzerland. I take workshops with master painters whenever I can, read constantly, study other painters past and present on-line, and have spent countless hours in art galleries all over the world. I am currently working under the mentorship of Dene Croft, President of the Federation of Canadian artists. I am an Active member of the Federation, and belong to the North Shore Artist Guild and the North Vancouver Arts Council.

I was born in BC and grew up both here and in Australia. I've travelled much of my adult life, living in Europe for many years, and sailing through three oceans for a couple more. My original degree was in International Relations and I have also studied French and Spanish. My focus on art as communication surely spills over from my love of languages, linguistics, cultural contrasts, and travelling to new places with camera in hand, looking for more people and places to see.