Welcome to my Studio

Welcome to my studio!

I started to paint seriously in September 2011. For years I dabbled in watercolours, oils and pastels, but now I work mostly in acrylics.  I returned to my creative side after working in the corporate world as a graphics artist, interior decorator and account executive for a large format printing company. 

I live in West Vancouver with an awesome hubby and 3 amazing cats, and enjoy travel, running and golf.

Marg Wagner


Artist Statement

Artist Statement:

Living in the Vancouver rainforest makes me yearn for the light and brightness of sunnier places.  I love the colour and happiness of a bright summer day, which is what I try to portray in my painting.  Even on a grey Vancouver day there is a beauty unique to this city.  The water and the mountains give me great inspiration to put brush to canvas. Brilliant autumn colours, crisp winter days, and the awakening beauty of early spring are all represented in my art. I also love the ancient, enduring qualities of European cities and architecture.

I have worked in pastel, watercolour and oils, but prefer acrylics. I find the medium allow a greater degree manipulation, while still providing the brilliance of colour I require. I love expressing my world in colour.

My pieces are small but each one portrays a bit of my life and travels.




Growing up in Manitoba I gained an appreciation for the big skies and vastness of the prairies. Today I am inspired by the majesty of the mountains and water around me.

As my travels take me to other worlds I find that I need to portray those foreign lands.  Italy is one of my favorite places to travel and I love the light and colour of place and people.

I hope you enjoy my art.

I have taken workshops with Michael Svob, Kiff Holland, Jill Charuk, Janice Robertson, Lalita Hamill, Dianna Pointing, Gordon Davis and others.


Exhibitions, Shows and Galleries

Exhibitions, Shows and Galleries:

  • Anonymous Art Show, November, 2011
  • North Shore Artist Guild Spring Show, 2012
  • Brushstrokes Gallery, 2012
  • Harmony Art Festival, 2012

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