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"Pacific Rim Sunset" by Jillian Clack

About The Artist

My development as an artist began as a young girl, first with photography, which I continued to take pleasure in for many years, and later with pottery and stained glass.

In 1999 I was encouraged by a friend and artist to take up drawing and watercolour-painting. My art since then has been an exciting journey of expressing myself in many different media and styles, including charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, pen and ink, mixed media, collage and print making. Combining two or more of these in one painting often brings me to new discoveries.

As a result of my photographic background, I have a strong interest in composition when envisioning a piece of work.  I also try to incorporate rich and vibrant colours in my paintings, especially after seeing the wonderfully warm works of art during my travels to Mexico, Italy and France.

My paintings are created both from my imagination and from many of my photographs acquired over the years.  I find it exciting to have the freedom to look at a blank surface and know I can let my creativeness flow with line, movement, light and texture that will express my feelings at that moment in time.

Up to now my work has consisted mainly of rural and urban landscapes, and floral and still life compositions.  My intention is to explore the field of semi abstractionism, employing various media and techniques.

"Floral Fantasy" by Jillian Clack