"Mayan Jungle" by Jeri Canderan

As an optimist, I want my art work to create positive feelings.  My favourite subjects are seascapes, flowers, animals, butterflies and objects of desire.  Bold colourful compositions evoke excitement and joy; images from nature help reduce stress and give hope; abstract and semi-abstract compositioins are a result of an inner desire to express ideas in a unique way. 

I am inspired by Van Gogh for his textured surfaces, by Cori Creed for her energetic brushwork and use of colour, and by Klimt for his love of pattern.  I am excited with the idea of incorporating more than one medium in my art work.  Mixed media allows for risk which then leads to new discoveries.

An image is captured in a moment of time on a blank surface. That surface then comes alive with colour, light, texture, and movement.  The moment that was once ignored, now draws attention -- and is remembered.

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"Gulf Island View" by Jeri Canderan


2013  Anonymous Art Show CityScape Community Gallery

2012  Anonymous Art Show  CityScape Community Gallery

2011  Anonymous Art Show  CityScape Community Gallery

2011  4th ANNUAL FINE ART SALE Parkgate Community Centre

2010  NSAG Spring Art Sale West Vancouver Community Centre

2009  3rd ANNUAL FINE ART SALE Parkgate Community Centre

2009  Studio Art Sale Group Show (Sporty Jewels Studio)

2009  Harmony Arts Festival

2009  West Vancouver Community Centre Group Art Show

2008  2nd ANNUAL FINE ART SALE  Parkgate Community Centre

2008  Harmony Arts Festival

2007  1st ANNUAL FINE ART SALE Parkgate Community Centre

2007  Silk Purse Gallery- Journey into Africa(May 22 - June 3)

2007  Park Royal Mall Group Show (March 19 - 26) 

2007  Set Painting - Deep Cove Shaw Theatre (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)

2007  Silk Purse Gallery Group Show (Jan. 15 - 28)

2006  Capilano Mall Group Show (Nov. 13 - 19 )

2006  West Vancouver Memorial Library Gallery (Nov. 1 -30)

2006  Lynnmour Art Studio and Gallery

2006  Harmony Arts Festival

2003-2006  Mural Commissions

2003  PNE Prize Home (Mural on display)

2003  Deep Cove Yacht Club Group Show

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Jeri Canderan - Artist

CAMEO WALL ART: murals and fine art


1. TROMPE L'OEIL MURALS - murals that 'trick the eye'
2. LANDSCAPE OR WILDLIFE MURALS -murals to enhance a wall in a living or dining room
3. MURALS FOR KIDS -whimsical fun and colour for a son or daughter's room
4. DECORATIVE MURALS OR TRIM -dress up a boring wall with something fantastic
5. COMMISSIONED FRAMED ARTWORK -landscapes, abstract, wildlife, trompe l 'oeil