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Welcome to Hans Gray's website.  

I joined the North Shore Artists Guild in December 2013. My main interests are plein air painting in watercolours and experimenting with acrylics. 




I was born and educated in the UK, I enjoyed drawing and painting from a young age.

My father was a skilled artist in his spare time and I used to enjoy watching his magic with a pencil.

I was fortunate to have been able to attend Saturday morning art classes at the local art school for two years while at high school. At that time, I enjoyed pencil sketching, plant drawing, scratch board work and oil painting.

After high school and college there seemed to be little time for art as I was working as a surveyor in the UK, Africa and India, immigrating to Canada in 1976.

Around 2008 I was encouraged to start painting again during a visit to the Harmony Arts Festival and have participated in numerous painting and drawing classes since then. I work mainly in watercolours and acrylics with some explorations into graphite and pastels.

I enjoy working in watercolours “en plein air” when the weather is favorable, also working from photographs I have taken, as photography is another of my interests.

Artist's Statement

 I enjoy nature and try to depict the “feeling” of the landscape in my artwork. Painting and drawing outdoors works best for me. I enjoy travelling and I almost always have a small watercolour kit with me including pens and pencils. Sitting down and recording the environment around me in this way is very satisfying. I also take photographs independently or as backup to the artwork. I never tire of our west coast landscape but I am also inspired by thIe landscapes found further afield during my travels.

I am trying hard to loosen up my work and simplify the finished product by working swiftly and omitting detail where possible, as well as exploring colour and contrast.

Hans Gray 

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