Artist Statement - Edith Warner


There is, within all of us, an inherent spark of spontaneity, the potential for unlimited creativity.  Edith's work is a direct personal expression of her connection with this creative spirit, a continuing exploration of the joy she experienced when, as a child, she began creating paintings on glass. 
Drawing on that sense of joy, Edith's approach to her work strives to maintain the essence of curiosity and mystery she believes is vital, not only in her quest to connect with her soul, but in her journey of self-discovery.

Edith is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It was there, in working with glass painting as a young girl, that her initial interest in art was kindled.  For many years art took a back seat when she moved to the West Coast as a young woman, raised her family, and managed a business career.  Eventually, however, a deep love of, and spiritual connection with nature inspired Edith's renewed exploration of her creative potential.  Since then, her development as an artist has taken her from sketching and drawing into working with watercolour, acrylics, collage, and, most recently, mixed media.

Previous and ongoing participation in courses at Capilano College and the Federation of Canadian Artists, and in workshops with numerous local and international artists, has led Edith to enjoy the challenges and expand her mastery of these media.  Her work to date, though constantly evolving, continues to aim at capturing the essence of nature and of spiritual and dream imagery.  And, as is so clearly visible in the joy and spontaneity resonating from within each of her works, Edith's focus continues to be an active pursuit of new ways to personally celebrate the creative spirit she believes lies within all of us.

Edith is a former member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, an Executive member of the North Shore Artists' Guild, as well as a member of the West Vancouver and North Vancouver Arts Councils. She is also the volunteer Art Curator for Lions Gate Hospital Foundation's Healing Power of Art program.

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