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"Poppy Faces" by Denise Wheater 

BIO for Denise Wheater




Denise has  been working in watercolour for many years,  previous to that she dabbled in oils for a couple of years, and is now about to embark on acrylics.

From a very early age she has enjoyed playing with paints, and over the years has done many leisure courses,  with various well known North Shore Artists.  Has never had any formal training, but always enjoyed just  learning and painting, as well as enjoying the company of fellow artists.

All of her subject material is taken from her own photographs, usually in hot countries, or Europe.  England and Scotland are of special interest.

Geometric aspects e.g. houses etc., are of great interest to her, flowers, sunny scenes and landscapes too.

Denise has been a member of the North Shore Artists' Guild since 1996, and has exhibited in the Harmony Arts Festival, plus the annual Parkgate sale, and Brushstrokes Gallery at Lonsdale Quay.

She can be contacted at:  604 925 0729 or email: dentravels@shaw.ca

Visit the North Shore Artists' Guild website at https://nsartists.ca

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