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Draw, Design, Paint

with Karin Huehold


 Who: All levels welcome

When: Feb 19-20, 2022

10am - 3pm both days

Where: on Zoom

Karin Huehold II 

Class Description

Enjoy a fun, inspiring and informative weekend creating your own original art images, on paper and canvas.

Through a series of fun exercises, students will explore watercolour, design ideas and personal mark-making.  We will be working on quality watercolour paper and specially prepared small canvases with watercolour and ink.  Using your own references or drawing on nature, you will draw and design with ink.  Works are then painted with the beautiful and wondrous medium of watercolour.  Colour and value transitions are emphasized.

Karin will share a wealth of information to guide you to a place where you are comfortable, confident and excited to design and paint what inspires YOU!!

She will also share her method of substrate preparation and many ideas for finishing your art on canvas and paper.  These techniques can be applied to painting on almost anything.

Karin Huehold 1

Supply List

  • Watercolours - if you already have watercolours please use those.  A good quality travel kit will also do.  Artist quality paints are recommended.  Here is my suggested palette: cool red pigment like permanent rose or magenta; warm red like napthol or pyroll red: burnt sienna; raw sienna or quinacridone gold; primary yellow; thalo blue; thalo green; permanent green; ultramarine blue, cobalt teal; indigo; dixazine or quinacridone purple; titanium white, ANY other colours that you love! 
  • Waterbrush - size small or medium. My preference is Sakura Koi brand - size small
  • Small round good quality watercolour brush and/or 1/4" dagger brush
  • Any other watercolour brushes that you like using
  • Water spritzer, kleenex, paper towel, water containers
  • Good quality watercolour paper - 5 or 6 pieces up to 6x8"
  • 1/4" and or 1/2" masking tape (optional)
  • Lightweight board - large enough to hold your artwork while you are working on it.  I use the "plastic cardboard stuff.  This will be the surfaces we will be working on rather than directly on a table.
  • Pencil/pen, notebook or sketchbook
  • White eraser
  • One yellow and/or blue watercolour pencil crayon (bring your whole set if you have some!)
  • Some reference photos or magazine pics of things you really love - ie. teapots, trees, tulips, symbols, vessels, etc.
  • A couple of .05 black micron pigma pens or sumething similar (waterproof and lightfast) (a fine tip Sharpie also works well)
  • If you like you can also bring along other pens/markers: black glaze pen, posca pens, etc. calligraphy tools that would work with india ink - and if you bring these, a small amount of india ink!
  • Three small canvases or canvas boards - no larger than 8 x 10
  • One small canvas for testing your ink with water and varnish
  • A few sheets of tracing paper
  • A few sheets of regular printer paper or sketch paper - to work your design out on 
  • Transfer paper (or you can freehand)
  • 1/2" or 3/4" flat brush for acrylic media
  • Water container to rinse out acrylic media - separate from your watercolours
  • Painting apron or shirt if you like
  • Rubber gloves  if you want for using the acrylic media
  • White gesso
  • Clear gesso (liquitex brand)
  • Spray fixative
  • Separate boards or a protected surface that your canvases can dry on undisturbed


Outline for the workshop

  • Slide show
  • Prep canvas or canvas board - this can be done ahead of time
  • Testing your ink on a separate canvas board with water and varnish
  • Design exercises
  • Painting your work with the waterbrush (or regular brush if you prefer)
  • Begin designing your work
  • Using tracing paper to refine your design
  • Transfer design to canvas with tansfer paper or freehand using watercolour pencil crayon
  • Ink 
  • Pain
  • Spray varnish
  • Varnish
  • Show and share
  • If there is time: Demo collaging paper to canvas and adhering a watercolour painting
  • Demo pouring medium

 Karin Huehold photo


Karin Huehold has painted professionally for over 30 years.  Her genuine love and appreciation of watercolour is evident in her art.  Drawing impressions from many facets of life provide Karin with a continual source of inspiration.  From mountain to prairie landscapes, forests, flowers, food, friends, bits and pieces of nature and wherever the paint and brush lead her, Karin creates unique and beautiful works of art.  Her work ranges from simple, expressive watercolours to elaborate designs using pen, ink and of course watercolour.  Karin is a prolific teacher - having taught many self-designed courses to a multitude of students.  She is currently teaching a great variety of virtual classes and has ventured into the online teaching world!  Her membhership site offers a vase array of online lessons at Huehold Arts.  This includes Karin's very popular Draw, Design, Paint DVD, a Little Watercolour Booklet and Flow and Glow tutorial.  PLUS a couple of hundred short and sweet video lessons included in The Biggest Little Watercolour Class EVER!

Her work has been shown widely and is included in many private and corporate collections.  She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild. 

Karin enjoys much creative time in her home studio in Calgary. 


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