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 Curious about Abstract

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Marlene Lowden's workshop


All levels are welcome

This course will be in acrylics





Saturday, April 24 - Sunday, April 25, 2021 

10 - 4 both days 






In your own home or studio!!  via ZOOM




Curious about Abstract?

Depending on your point of view, abstract art can look like a lot of fun, a big mess and/or rather confusing. Join Marlene for a dip into that world to learn what’s behind abstract expressionism, its history, and its relevance today. You will try some mark making techniques together and discuss the elements of design that help you not only decipher the work but create your own expressions. This 2 day experience is designed to spark your creativity no matter the genre you usually prefer.


Note: Student grade acrylics will be used because the course is about experimentation.


Course Outline:

"We will briefly explore all 7 elements of design and how we can use them to convey an idea.

During our first day we will work on a canvas with acrylic paint and try out a variety of mark making techniques. Our second day will begin with some studies and then everyone will have free time to paint and a short individual ZOOM meet up with me. We will also practice the art of critique during the weekend. I will end our two days with a bit of art history and a Q&A session." 


Marlene Lowden Blue are the words


Materials List



1 sketchbook for journaling and studies: mixed media approx 11" x 14"

Pad of newsprint (optional)


Acrylic paint: (I recommend Amsterdam student grade paint):


White - large tube

Cyan Blue

Primary Yellow

Naphthol Red Medium

Primary magenta



This is not a course on how to paint with acrylics.  I chose that medium because it dries fast and allows us to move quickly.  I am recommending the above colours and paint because I know that it will give us a huge variety of colours and it is relatively inexpensive which gives us the freedom to explore.  I use oil paint most of the time and will demo in both mediums. If you have any questions, just reach out to me directly.



1 Approx 24" x 24" or 24" x 30/36"


Variety of art making tools:

paint brushes of various sizes

palette knife (I prefer on that is approx 1.5" wide at the base of a tear drop shape)

silicon tools (optional - my favourite is the simple handheld blade)


markers (optional: I love Posca - only buy 1 to try them out)

oil pastels - student grade is fine

spray water bottle



green painters tape - a few rolls in a variety of thicknesses is good



palette for colour mixing

water containers

paper towels (the scotch blue paper towels are really hardy)

5-6 jars or containers with lids to hold paint

matte frame (doesn't have to be new - dollar store is fine)

Optional: yupo paper & X-Acto knife


Any questions? Contact Marlene at





Marlene Lowden's Bio

Marlene Lowden is an abstract painter whose work is a dance between structure and chance.  She takes cues from the nature that surrounds her on the west coast of Canada.  She is also a facilitator and yoga teacher.  She co-hosts an annual art and yoga retreat in Spain and connects to her art community as an instructor online, in schools and at festivals. She is a proud alumni of Thrive Art Studios, an international collective of female artists.  Her work appears in private and public collections in Canada and internationally.





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