Artist Statement

Painting is all about the light, both literally and figuratively. A patch of sunlight or a swath of indoor light attracts our eye to a particular area of an image we want to highlight.

 But light can be a metaphor, too, for the idea that an artist wants to send to the viewer. There is always a thought process that comes before the actual painting of a picture. It may be a mood or emotion that we are trying to convey, a political message or even just the beauty of a scene from natrue...the majesty of a mountain, the peacefulness of a pastoral scene.

This message behind the painting is what I am attempting to convey in my work. When travelling, I have my camera at the ready to snap any scene that captures my attention for use in future artwork. Of course, in British Columbia ,too, there are countless

backdrops for artists, even in our own backyards.I work in both oils and acrylic.