About the artist

Active member of North Shore Artists Guild

Supporting Member of Federation of Canadian Artists

Art classes
2001 - 2013 North and West Vancouver Community Centres
2002 - 2010 Federation of Canadian Artists

Besides art classes in high school and enjoying art and crafts leisurely over the years, I have only found the love of painting very recently.


I was born in Denmark and came to Vancouver, Canada, with my family at age 8.  Though my roots will be forever Danish, I am all Canadian, having had all my schooling here and loving this country.  Art was my favourite subject through school, but I pursued dental hygiene post grad and worked in that field for 34 years.  Over those years I dabbled in art but never had the time or yearning to follow my buried passion.  I married at 26 and raised two children.  My daughter was a passionate artist, creating in whatever field came her way.  She lost her life in a terrible car accident at 21, and her mountain of art supplies sat dormant until my retirement, when I dared to delve into them.  I say dare, because the thought of painting seemed daunting.

Janice Robertson coaxed me through my first workshop and I was hooked.  I had entered a world of joy and frustration, a time for peace and exploration, and always growth and fun.  I am also thankful for the many other artists I have taken workshops from, who so willingly gave of their knowledge and time, James Picard being the most recent.

Holidays now take on a whole new dimension.  Which mountain pass or image will make my next canvas?  I feel so lucky to be living on the West Coast where images of what I love are endless.  My husband and I love nothing more than hiking in B.C. and myself letting my imagination run free.  Being an amateur is delightful.  I keep trying new techniques and each new avenue may or may not turn out, but the process is fulfilling.  I have tried water colours, have now spent many years working in acrylic and this last year have tried oils.  Every time I paint in oil, I must say, I am happy to get back to acrylic.  I am sure I'll keep going back and forth between the two.

Thank you to all the clients that have honoured me by purchasing my art.  I am grateful.