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About The Artist

Painting has been a passion since at an early age I first sniffed the pungent odor of oil and turpentine in Mr. Stoddart’s down the street studio. However my heavy involvement with sports and it’s time demands relegated painting to the background for many years.
Now semi retired, happily, I am able to devote more time and energy to my painting.
My painting style has been greatly influenced by a sabbatical spent at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel Allende, Mexico where I studied drawing, painting and printmaking. The vibrant, colorful nature of Mexican art, architecture and culture made a distinct impression.
I would describe my painting as bright, bold and colorful with similarities to the works of Harrison and Joe Average. My work is often whimsical and leans toward the abstract.
I am married with two children, was born and raised in Manitoba, and have lived in North Vancouver since 1976 where I worked as a counsellor and teacher. Presently I am a teacher on call in West Vancouver.
Allen Klatt